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“Aether Electromagnetic System” (AEMS) by: Randy Lee Holmes.

This book is about “Aether”; in physics proposed the existence of a “Medium” or a space-filling substance or field, thought to be necessary as a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces.

Since the development of special relativity by Einstein in 1905, theories using a substantial “Aether” fell out of use in modern physics.

Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, and Nikola Tesla, all believed electromagnetic waves of “Light” needed an “Aether” or “Medium” to propagate through empty space.

Since Einstein’s special relativity in 1905, the scientific community recognizes the empty “Vacuum” for propagation of “Light” through empty space, and not “Aether”.

Randy Lee Holmes has discovered visual proof and illustrations by more than 200 photos and 46 videos of “Electromagnetic Radiation” of the “Aether” that serves as a “Medium” for all “Light” and all “Electromagnetic Waves” of the universes.

My name is Randy Lee Holmes, and I have a Bachelor of Science, and I am a retired high school teacher of Cumberland County Schools in the state of North Carolina in 2016.

I have researched “Light” and “Anti-gravity” phenomenon for more than thirteen years (13) years, and now wish to publish this book on my discovery of “Aether”.

I am proud of myself and thankful to God for this historic and great discovery that serves as my contribution to mankind.

"Aether-Light"  "The Fact Of Everything" explains
how God used "Light" and the "Aether" energies to create
the world and the universe, and how "Aether" is responsible
for our very existence.

God is "Aether" and "Light", and He is an Electromagnetic Energy and Spirit that is Everywhere, and in All things living and nonliving.

The book clearly explains how God used the "Aether Electromagnetic Radiation System Footprint" and "Light" to make all living and nonliving things on earth and in the universe.
This book has the first visible proof ever seen of the "Aether"!!!
Man can now find out how God made the earth and the universe.

His most beautiful creation in the universe is the Nebula; of which is seen on the front cover of this book "Aether-Light".

I think the book Aether-Light "The Fact Of Everything" is where Islam and Infidels, and Christianity and Gentiles on this can finally agree.

Even the Atheist and Agnostic must agree to the indisputable facts and visible evidence of "Aether-Light."  

The book "Aether-Light" will revolutionize Physics and create a New World when people Truly See The "Light."  

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