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The "AETHER-LIGHT" eBook (74 Pages)  Will Educate You and Change Your Life."

Name one other book in the world that has been written on the "Facts of the AETHER."

Just Youtube the topics below:

1. "God is Aether-Light" Explains how everything and all mass is made of "Light"; God Is Light 1 John 1:5.

2. "From Poor to Middle Class"How anyone can rise from being Poor to the Middle Class in America.

3. "AETHER is Everything" How the whole world, You, Mass or Matter, and the universe is made of "Electromagnetic  AETHER LIGHT"; not atoms.

4. "AETHER-LIGHT Book" Explains how "God is Light" and Everthing and everyone is made of LIGHT; by using 54 photos of total 74 pages. 

5. "This is a exciting Day for You" "AETHER-LIGHT" is the only book in the entire world with proof of its facts that is backed by experimental evidence and observations.

6. "X" and "Cross"  in all "LIGHT" represents Female Chromosome. All "Light" (Radiation Photos of LIGHT) has an "X" in its radiation photo and 90% of all women in the world does not know that they are the result of two "XX" chromosome. God put an "X" in all "LIGHT" to bless the woman for her part in the creation of MAN.

7. "AETHERRock Black Diamond Price $1000,000,000"

8. God blessed me with 64 acres of land in Nevada, and this is where I found this stone; it is more than 2.5 billion years old, as is the East Humboldt Mountain Range in Nevada.

9. "Perfect Form" By: Randivna Quality time teaching my daughter, Laura.

10. "Perfect Form" By: Isaac Tabunchenko-Holmes Quality time teaching my son, Isaac.

By: Aether-Light.com

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