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AETHERRock 2.5 Billion Years Old.

Carats: 31.1

Size: 22 x 20 x 4 mm

This AETHERRock Heirloom was found in the "The East Humboldt Mountain Range" in Nevada.

This unique translucent "Pearl Rock" is attached by a 18K Gold Prone Necklace and is 2.5 billion years old. #0003

All AETHERRocks come from the same mine in Elko, Nevada, USA.

The AETHERRock Mine of "The Great Basin" in Nevada is the oldest and largest impacts of known extraterrestrial meteorite, asteroid, and comet bombardment of the earth. 

The AETHERRock is mined from 2.5 billion years old Archean Rock from the North Eastern Humboldt Mountain Range in Elko, Nevada (The Great Basin).

The AETHERRock is an exotic rock, as it is from 2.5 years old Archean Rock.


"AETHERRocks are Exotic Rocks ancient rocks.


Many people have heard of "The AETHER", but very few if any have any idea of what the AETHER actually is (Real Fact).

Randy Lee Holmes Discovered "The AETHER" January 07,2017.

This Is The First Definition Ever of "The AETHER."

Definition of "Aether-Light":

Is an oscillating frequency of a photon with a built-in antenna that works as a transmission medium for propagation of electromagnetic waves of all "LIGHT."

Light does not travel.

It is a single network of transmitters and receivers of electromagnetic energy.



The AETHER Is The SPIRIT Of God and "God is Light and Matter is Light."

The AETHERRock is Matter and Matter is Spiritual AETHER-LIGHT.

1 John 1:5 "GOD is Light and in Him is no darkness at all."

The purchase of this heirloom (AETHERRock) will immortalize your name in the history books forever.
The World Will Forever Know Your Name.
The year is 2024; but when man becomes more advanced and more intelligent in the distant future, he will learn the true meaning of what " AETHER" is.

(Secret to the world about Jesus.....)

"Only JEWS Know GOD"

Only JEWS know the one and only true GOD (Fact).

Christianity is the greatest lie ever told.

It took me 67 years to find out that JESUS is Cesare Borgia and Not God's Son.

Cesare Borgia born 1476 is the son of Pope Alexander-VI.


Please be advised that there is nothing magical about the AETHERROCK!!!

The AETHERRock is a natural stone straight from God or mother nature to You.

AETHERRock Enlightens a person to embrace their God given Natural SPIRITUAL LIGHT ENERGY that is in all of us.

Never before has there ever been such a Unique, Exotic and Mysterious Rock found on this earth.
AETHERRock enables You to use Your Natural SPIRITUAL POWER to conquer this natural world !!!

YES!!!! With God All Things Are Possible if you truly believe in him.

If your ATHERRock is Lost or Stollen, you get to replace it with any AETHERRock with the same or less value only once.

Hebrews 11:3 What is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

AETHERRocks and all matter is made of this God's AETHER Light Energy.
The AETHERRock is the most Unique, Exotic, Mysterious, Spiritual AETHER-Light Energy Rock in the universe; and no two look the same.

The AETHERRock purchase price range from $3,000.00 to $100,000,000 per AETHERRock.
They are very expensive because they are 2.5 billion years old.

AETHERRock can only be purchased online from one company in the entire world; and that is or

"The AETHERRock is pure Spiritual Aether Light Energy."

1 John 1:5 "God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all."

An-Nur-The Light. אור של אל

"Light Energy" "God is Light"
God created man and woman in His own image.

God is Spiritual Light Energy and Humans are Spiritual Light Energy.

Light Energy is Radiation Essence of life; not the atom.

The four states of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma) are made of the Electromagnetic Spectrum of Light; or Light Energy.

Humans and all matter are made of Light, as God is Light, Love, Spirit, and Almighty.

Light Energy is responsible for all living things; as all living and non-living things are made of Light.

Hebrews 11:3 What is seen was made from things that are not visible.

AETHERRock is made of 100% AETHER Spiritual Aether Light Energy.
All AETHERRock Stones are the hardest in the universe testing 7-10 Mohs on the hardness scale; making them last for generations.

AETHERRock presents a limited amount of AETHERRocks sold per year; and there are no deposits accepted for next year's AETHERRock.



Aether-Light: “The Fact of Everything” is a book written by Randy Lee Holmes.

Learn how Everything and Everyone is made of Light.

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